We currently only support landline texting in the United States and Canada.
Our agreement with our SMS gateway provider allows us to text-enable most landlines using our SPID (Service Profile Identifier). This process involves letting NetNumber, who routes all long-code (10-digit number) SMS messages through the various cell carriers, know that the owner of the number has given us permission to act as their Service Provider’s limited agent for the sole purpose of SMS message origination and delivery. This permission is provided to us in the form of an LOA from the owner, or the service provider, of that 10-digit number.

The provisioning process to activate the number does not in any way effect the voice communication, IVR, plan, carrier or any aspect of the voice service. The SMS capability works “over the top” of the voice platform. This capability has actually existed for a number of years (think Google Voice) but is just now coming to the forefront of B2C communication.

All of our products work the best when we text-enable landlines, but in some situations where it’s necessary, we can also use VOIP phone numbers that are not cloud based. Mobile numbers cannot be used with our products because they are already text-enabled through the service provider, and if we were to use our service to try to text-enable them, the phones associated with the number would no longer be able to send SMS messages! At this time we are unable to text-enable toll free numbers.
No! TextUs.Biz works using the Google Chrome browser which is available for both PC’s and Mac’s.
TextUs.Biz works seamlessly with all other applications and will notify you with a discreet message on the side of your screen if a new message comes in while TextUs.Biz is minimized or in the background.
TextUs.Biz does not in any way effect your voice plan, carrier, voicemail or voice services. It operates completely independently of your existing voice plan and service.
Absolutely! You can have a number of people monitoring and responding to the text conversations at the same time. The inbound and outbound messages show on any screen that is logged in.
Messages provides a one-click, customizable auto responder that you can turn on and off throughout the day, or at closing, so that incoming messages don’t go left unanswered.
As long as the VOIP number is not cloud based, we are generally able to text enable it!
We highly recommend use the Google Chrome browser for all TextUs.Biz products. The Messages platform will also work on Safari and Firefox, but will not allow you to receive incoming message popups when working in another window or tab. Messages will not work on Internet Explorer.
The simple explanation: You can already send and receive text messages with your mobile phone, so there is no reason for us to text enable it!

The technical explanation: Every number that is text-enabled is associated with a SPID (Services Poivider ID) who issues the cell phone service – also known as a carrier. If we text-enable your mobile/cell phone number, you could send/receive messages on our SPID, but then you will lose the ability to send/receive messages through their carrier. In other words, this means your phone loses it typical texting capabilities as it’s impossible to have two SPIDs sending/receiving messages.

Nope! TextUs.Biz is a month-to-month service and no contract or commitment is required, so you can cancel at any time with the click of a button. Your first 100 messages are free, so we will not even ask for your credit card until you go over 100 messages and have decided if TextUs.Biz is right for your business.
You bet. You can easily add new Groups and add contacts into the groups by name or by dropping in an Excel spreadsheet. When you hit send everyone in the group will get the text. If they respond back, the message can only be seen by you (not the group). NOTE: All Group message contacts must have requested to be opted-in. Spamming is not permitted and would result in account termination.
Absolutely not, however, standard SMS rates from their mobile provider may apply.
You bet’cha! All of your contacts, messages, to-do’s, and notes are simultaneously synced between the web applicaion and the iPad App.
It is. All of your contacts, messages, to-do’s and notes are simultaneously synced between the web version and the iPad App!