Introducing Business SMS 2.0


TextUs.Biz™ is pioneering the first Business SMS 2.0 platform.  We’re adding personal two-way text messaging service to your existing business’ landline phone number! SMS 2.0 is the natural and technological evolution of business text messaging by breaking away from impersonal, robotic, 5-digit, short-codes and harnessing the capability of the landlines and 800 numbers that businesses are already paying for and using for voice … Read More

textusbizIntroducing Business SMS 2.0

TEXTCELLERATE Now Available in Salesforce App Exchange


TEXTCELLERATE™ by TextUs.Biz is now available in the Salesforce App Exchange!  Fully integrated with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce1 application, TEXTCELLERATE™ by TextUs.Biz uses your existing landline phone number to send, receive, and log two-way text message conversations with your leads and opportunities. Send, receive and log your texts directly from within Salesforce  Text messages are sent using your existing, 10-digit landline phone number … Read More

textusbizTEXTCELLERATE Now Available in Salesforce App Exchange

TEXTCELLERATE at Dreamforce 2014


The TEXTCELLERATE™ team is out in San Francisco this week for Dreamforce 2014!  We’re out meeting with customers and looking to learn new ways to help you add SMS 2.0 to your sales tool box. If you’re interested in linking up, text us on our main number at 303-442-3223 and someone will connect you with a team member at the show! Learn more … Read More

textusbizTEXTCELLERATE at Dreamforce 2014

How To: Use The To-Do Feature To Track Your Active Conversations


Many sales professionals use TextUs.Biz to manage their daily conversations with potential clients. Text messaging has a 98% read rate – much higher than sending an email or leaving a voicemail – making it the ideal communication tool for sales professionals to touch base with clients quickly and efficiently! With hundreds of contacts per week, it can be challenging to … Read More

textusbizHow To: Use The To-Do Feature To Track Your Active Conversations

Introducing TEXTCELLERATE™: Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration


We’ve been working away here in Boulder, CO on a awesome new tool to add to the TextUs.Biz platform that will be a game changer for sales acceleration.  We’ll be sharing more some updates and news on this as we release our Beta version!  For those not familiar with sales acceleration, below is a brief background and an intro to TEXTCELLERATE™! Read the original … Read More

textusbizIntroducing TEXTCELLERATE™: Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration

The Best Mobile Tools for Marketers


This post originally appeared on Bikini Marketing. If you (or your boss) still aren’t convinced about mobile marketing, you should definitely reconsider. There are more than 6.5 billion (yes, billion with a b) mobile subscribers worldwide. Just for comparison, there’s only seven billion people in the world. Still think mobile marketing is a waste of your time? There are tons of … Read More

textusbizThe Best Mobile Tools for Marketers

Do you know who’s texting your business landline?


More and more customers today are text messaging businesses just like they text their friends and family.  From simple questions and requests to making appointments.  If your clients are texting you but you’re not responding, you could be missing out on valuable conversations and customers! Do you know who’s trying to text your business?  Claim your business landline number for FREE and never … Read More

textusbizDo you know who’s texting your business landline?

Get Rid of “No Show” Appointments Once And For All


Your time is valuable! There’s nothing worst than waiting for a client to show up only to find out later that they forgot their appointment or something came up last minute and they weren’t able to make it in. Being stood up not only means your time was wasted, but it also means money wasn’t made.  No matter what professional … Read More

textusbizGet Rid of “No Show” Appointments Once And For All