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The TextUs.Biz Resource Center is now available to help educate you and your team about the efficiency and power of business text messaging.  We’ve assembled our resources in one place to make it easy to learn how to add SMS to your business communication.

There you’ll find:

Download, share, and learn about this awesome new two-way communication channel for business!  If you have any questions or want to talk to a Business SMS 2.0 expert, we’re here to help and guide you through your use case, and get started with our simple setup process.

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textusbizThe TextUs.Biz Resource Center

5 Benefits of Adding SMS to your Business


It’s a new year and with the continued emphasis being placed on the use of mobile devices within business communication, text messaging stands as a viable option that is under utilized in the business world.  It’s easily incorporated alongside other communication channels, and for many reasons is preferred by the end user.  Recent studies analyzing the effectiveness of various communication channels have identified some key benefits of adding text messaging to your business communication.

Higher Likelihood of Being Read

On average every individual looks at their phone screen 150 times per day, and text messages have a 98% read rate. Given that the text message goes directly to the end user unfiltered, there is a far more likely chance the message will be read.

Faster Response

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of their receipt. They are proven to create a sense of urgency in the recipient, frequently prompting an immediate response.

Asynchronous Engagement

Text messaging allows the recipient to respond at their convenience. Text messaging is a two-way, asynchronous channel that facilitates dialogue and encourages a response rather than force a decision to answer a phone call or delete an email.


Phone call outreach requires a stream of events to take place: dialing, ringing, being placed on hold or being directed to a voicemail, checking for a prospect’s voicemail and so on. With text messaging, sales professionals can engage in several conversations simultaneously, and at the same time stay focused and productive on other tasks.

Manage Multiple Conversations

With phone calls, you’re stuck in a one-to-one conversation.  There are only so many hours and calls you can make in a day.  Adding the power of SMS to your business communication enables the ability to manage multiple conversations at once.

textusbiz5 Benefits of Adding SMS to your Business

Introducing Business SMS 2.0


TextUs.Biz™ is pioneering the first Business SMS 2.0 platform.  We’re adding personal two-way text messaging service to your existing business’ landline phone number!

SMS 2.0 is the natural and technological evolution of business text messaging by breaking away from impersonal, robotic, 5-digit, short-codes and harnessing the capability of the landlines and 800 numbers that businesses are already paying for and using for voice communication with their customers.

SMS 2.0 allows businesses of all sizes, from SMB to Enterprise, to maximize SMS 2.0 by using our web and mobile apps, browser extensions and third-party add-ons.  This isn’t SMS marketing.  This is Business SMS 2.0, built with the modern web and apps to enable the business world to start texting!

Start using SMS 2.0 in your business!

textusbizIntroducing Business SMS 2.0

TEXTCELLERATE Now Available in Salesforce App Exchange


TEXTCELLERATE™ by TextUs.Biz is now available in the Salesforce App Exchange! 

Fully integrated with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce1 application, TEXTCELLERATE™ by TextUs.Biz uses your existing landline phone number to send, receive, and log two-way text message conversations with your leads and opportunities.

  • Send, receive and log your texts directly from within Salesforce 

  • Text messages are sent using your existing, 10-digit landline phone number

  • Click-2-Text phone number reverse look-up to identify lead cell phone numbers

Your sales team may have the best email tracking and phone dialing sales acceleration tools in the market, but you’re missing an entirely new communication channel with a 98% read rate and average 34% response rate!  Learn More.



textusbizTEXTCELLERATE Now Available in Salesforce App Exchange

TEXTCELLERATE at Dreamforce 2014


The TEXTCELLERATE™ team is out in San Francisco this week for Dreamforce 2014!  We’re out meeting with customers and looking to learn new ways to help you add SMS 2.0 to your sales tool box.

If you’re interested in linking up, text us on our main number at 303-442-3223 and someone will connect you with a team member at the show!

Learn more about Dreamforce watch the live stream here:

Learn more about TEXTCELLERATE™ for Saleforce:

textusbizTEXTCELLERATE at Dreamforce 2014

How To: Use The To-Do Feature To Track Your Active Conversations


Many sales professionals use TextUs.Biz to manage their daily conversations with potential clients. Text messaging has a 98% read rate – much higher than sending an email or leaving a voicemail – making it the ideal communication tool for sales professionals to touch base with clients quickly and efficiently! With hundreds of contacts per week, it can be challenging to keep track of each conversation.

One of the first features that we added to the messaging portal was the To-Do list and Notes section to keep users organized. Using the To-Do feature in TextUs.Biz can not only track what you need to do, but highlight the contacts that you need to follow up with.

Combine it with the Notes section to remember details that will keep yourself organized and your clients will be impressed! To use the To-Do list, click on the contact you’d like to add a note or to-do about, and then click on the up arrow next to notes or to-dos to access those fields. 


Type a to-do task and hit enter to save it and the contact with the task will be highlighted in orange.


All of your contacts with a task can easily be sorted by clicking the “To-do” Button. This will then filter all other conversations out of your side bar for easy access.


Simply select the contact with the to-do task and check it off when you complete it.


Write anything you’d like in the notes section and it will autosave for you! Within the tasks section, you also have the option of deleting any completed or uncompleted task, as well as clearing completed tasks.


Want to be a Sales Superstar? Check out our new Sales Acceleration Tool: TEXTCELLERATE™!

textusbizHow To: Use The To-Do Feature To Track Your Active Conversations

Introducing TEXTCELLERATE™: Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration


We’ve been working away here in Boulder, CO on a awesome new tool to add to the TextUs.Biz platform that will be a game changer for sales acceleration.  We’ll be sharing more some updates and news on this as we release our Beta version!  For those not familiar with sales acceleration, below is a brief background and an intro to TEXTCELLERATE™!

Read the original post on TEXTCELLERATE™ : Introducing Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration

Simply put, sales acceleration is the process of increasing the velocity of the sales process.  Ken Krogue, Co-Founder and Forbes contributor has a great article that gives a full background on the space you can read here. Here a few relevant excerpts…

Sales acceleration is also about working smarter.

It’s gathering real-time sales intelligence from LinkedIn, InsideView and ZoomInfo. It’s having something relevant to talk about when you call a new prospect besides just the weather. It’s connecting with social media, lowering costs, raising visibility, and generating leverage.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

Instead of guessing.

It’s about nurturing prospects and customers, not just the marketing automation practice of nurturing leads.

It’s about tracking velocity metrics. How fast you respond. How persistent you are. What percentage of leads get contacted. The length of your sales cycle. How engaged your prospects are. How fast an appointment decays if it is set 4 days out instead of 1 day.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

Read the full article on

So how does text messaging fit into sales acceleration?

Text message sales acceleration is the use of two-way text messaging to engage your prospects and leads to speed up your sales cycle.  Many times when you have a new lead you simply need to get a yes, no or maybe from them to move things forward.  Until now email and phone calls may work some of the time but what about a text messaging?


We all love to text our friends and family.  Most of the time, people would rather text than talk!  So why aren’t business and sales professionals using SMS as a communication channel?

Well, some sales people are texting for business.  Accept they’re texting from their personal devices and none of the conversations are being tracked with their company’s respective CRM.

In comes TEXTCELLERATE™ – the two-way text message sales acceleration tool!  Sales organizations can now text enable their existing sales phone number and manage/track conversations with their CRM.  That allows people to call or text the same number which helps to unify communications.

SMS is an entirely new communication channel, never before fully utilized by businesses and sales teams.

TEXTCELLERATE™ gives you the ability to send the right message at the right time in order to engage a sales lead.  While email and cold call open/read rates are getting lower and lower, text messaging boosts a whooping 98% read rate!  Not only will your leads read your important message but they’ll be able to respond and have a two-way conversation with you.

We’re accepting a limited number of seats for sales teams and individuals that would like to get in on this opportunity early.  We’re expecting to fully launch within a few months!

For a sneak peek, Reserve your seat now or request a demo and we can show you first hand the power and efficiency of two-way text message sales acceleration!

textusbizIntroducing TEXTCELLERATE™: Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration

Even Your Most Faithful Customer Will Only Wait On Hold For So Long


Even your most faithful customers will only wait on hold for so long. Unleash the efficiency of text messaging with TextUs.Biz!

textusbizEven Your Most Faithful Customer Will Only Wait On Hold For So Long

Meme Monday: If a voicemail is recorded but no one hears it, does it make a sound?


If a voicemail is recorded but no one hears it, does it make a sound? Get through to your customers with TextUs.Biz.

textusbizMeme Monday: If a voicemail is recorded but no one hears it, does it make a sound?

The Best Mobile Tools for Marketers


This post originally appeared on Bikini Marketing.

If you (or your boss) still aren’t convinced about mobile marketing, you should definitely reconsider. There are more than 6.5 billion (yes, billion with a b) mobile subscribers worldwide. Just for comparison, there’s only seven billion people in the world.

Still think mobile marketing is a waste of your time?

There are tons of tools to help newbies excel at mobile marketing. Some are designed to target multiple areas while others specialize in one aspect of mobile. Check out the three tools below as a starting point in your research on mobile marketing, and let me know if you find other helpful mobile tools!

The Text Tool – TextUs.Biz

This tool is super cool and perfect for companies reaching out to Millennials or people who are always on the go. Businesses that use TextUs.Biz can communicate with their customers through text messages sent on their computers or iPads. An even cooler feature is that customers who sign up for the program can text the company’s main phone line to schedule appointments or make reservations.

This tool can make it easier for customers to contact you via the channels they prefer (a crucial success factor for content marketing) and increases employee efficiency. Instead of getting caught up in a wave of phone calls, employees will have much more free time to devote to other business-related tasks. There are several plans for TextUs.Biz which range from free to $99 per month, depending on how many messages you send. If you’re a service-oriented business, I would definitely look into this.

Read the full post and learn about the other mobile tools here:

textusbizThe Best Mobile Tools for Marketers