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See TextUs.Biz in action! Your customers can only call you on your landline number, why not let them text you on it as well? See how simple it is to efficiently communicate using text messaging from your computer or iPad.

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“TextUs.Biz has greatly reduced the amount of time our front desk staff is tied up on the phone and has allowed us to concentrate on even better customer service. Our clients love the ease and simplicity of sending us text messages and our staff uses the service almost exclusively for communication with the front desk. Personally, I find myself wishing all businesses offered this great service!”

- Connor Doyle – West End Salon

Easy to implement. Even easier to use.

Wherever you go, TextUs.Biz was built to follow. Access your dashboard from any internet connected device, including the iPad. Text messaging ALWAYS at your fingertips – it couldn’t be easier.


Welcome to simple, effective and organized communication.

TextUs.Biz contains core features that were specifically designed to improve both customer satisfaction and business efficiency.  Our contact management tools allow you to create notes and to-dos for each of your contacts. You can also append a signature to each message or set an auto-reply for when you’ve stepped out or closed for the day and our automatic message priority feature helps you stay focused on what’s important.


Text enable your existing landline number.

Simple, affordable, and no long term contract. Go beyond basic voice communication, with TextUs.Biz, and add SMS without
affecting any of your existing voice services.



Online Two-Way Text Messaging.  Text your customers like they text their friends.

Connect with Gen-X, Gen Y, even baby-boomers. 99% of mobile phone owners have SMS messaging and the majority of them use text messaging as their first, and preferred, form of communication. Make it easy for your customers to make reservations and appointments, ask a question, or simply tell you how well you’re doing. Harness the power of texting from a computer and watch your business grow

Texting from Your Computer.  Manage multiple conversations. 

Is your phone buzzing while trying to manage multiple employee conversations all at once? Sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. View multiple conversations at once, record notes and to-dos, and even set auto-replies for when you’ve stepped away from your desk. With TextUs.Biz, no one is left in the dark..or with a headache.

Effective SMS Marketing.  Bring your message straight to their phones. 

Lets face it, emails go unread. Email has an open rate of only 20%. On the other hand, text messages are opened and read over 95% of the time. Don’t get caught marketing to only 1/5th of your audience, when you could be reaching your entire customer base. Now that’s effective text marketing.

Your SMS Helpdesk.  Deliver exceptional customer support.

No one likes being put on hold or going to voicemail. Provide personal, first class customer support by letting your customers reach you directly through SMS messaging. Get instant feedback so you can fix the problem before it happens. Fast communication = happy customers.



Digital Comment Card.  Collect customer feedback.

Reviews are incredibly important to your business, but once they hit social media its too late. By using TextUs.Biz as a digital comment card you can use text messaging to receive feedback, fix the problem, improve your customer experience and stop negative reviews before they happen.

Efficient Employee Communication.  Stay in touch with your staff.

It’s hard enough to keep a small staff on the same page, let alone a large one. TextUs.Biz lets you reach your entire staff with one quick Broadcast Message. You can rest assured that your important staff communications will reach and be read, in most cases instantly!



“It’s convenient, easy-to-use and the customers who want text love it! It’s also been great to contact staff quickly without tying up our phone lines. TextUs.Biz is a no-brainer business advantage!”

- Mark Mills – Elements Massage / Boulder



Auto Reply

With our auto reply feature we have you covered for those busy moments throughout your day and during after hours.  Simply add a off hours auto reply, “Thanks for your text!  Our hours are from 9am-5pm.  We’ll get back to you soon.”  You can add several auto replies to address any unavailable situation.   


Cloud CRM

You can access all of your contacts, customer notes, to-do’s and message threads from any computer or iPad. You can search by contact name, cell phone number, even keywords within messages. Want to import contact information? Just drag-and-drop an Excel spreadsheet into the web-app or import your contacts from iCloud into your iPad app.


“Text Us” Widget

With our web-to-text widget we provide you with “Text Us” tab or button that allows customers to text in from your website. They can then type in their cell phone number and message and it will instantly pop up in your Messages app. When you respond, it goes directly to the customer’s cell phone as a text message and gets the conversation started!



TextUs.Biz now offers multi-agent log in which allows multiple agents to manage text conversations for the same phone number. All new inbound messages can be viewed by the agents but when one agent begins typing a response, the others can see the chat has been “claimed.”   


Chat Claiming

When a text message is received, all logged in agents will see the message and be able to “claim” the conversation by beginning to type a response. When chat has been claimed the other agents will be able to dismiss that chat window from their view and allow the claiming agent to continue with that text conversation without disrupting the other agents.   



Our Contacts API allows your business to easily sync, add, edit or deletes contacts between the Messages database and your CRM. This restful API includes First Name. Last Name and Phone Number.

iPad App. Text from wherever. 

We understand you’re mobile, so we’ve made Messages mobile too. Download our sleek, intuitive iPad app and take your conversations with you wherever you go.




Let your favorite businesses know that you'd rather text than talk!