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Introducing a New Way to Increase Sales

With 8x times the response rate of traditional sales and direct communication efforts, TextUs.Biz lets you connect with your customers on their terms. Our SMS 2.0 technology allows you to create and manage dozens of conversations simultaneously from your computer.

With two-way texting, you can engage more customers, close more deals, and improve customer satisfaction.

How It Works

TextUs.Biz adds two-way text messaging to your existing landline (or VoIP), letting you connect with your sales leads instantly from your computer.

It’s like instant messaging for you and text messaging for your customers.

Text messaging isn’t a trend. It’s a shift in how people communicate. Our service is designed to increase your conversion rates and sales opportunities through two-way text messaging. This is Business SMS 2.0.

Try it for free and start closing more sales.

“TextUs.Biz has allowed MINDBODY to open up a very important channel of communication between our Sales Reps and Prospects, giving us improved contact rates and more closes. With extremely simple setup and ease of use, our users couldn’t be happier!”

– Andy Stollmeyer / Sales Engineering Manager,

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Why SMS Matters to You

Your customers don’t want to talk to a machine. They want to talk to you. Text messages have
a 98% read rate and a 35% response rate.

Unlike the old push text message marketing,
our SMS 2.0 technology lets you text directly
from your computer to any cell phone.

Our business text messaging technology
enables your sales team to:

– Communicate more effectively with customers
– Manage multiple conversations seamlessly
– Improve customer satisfaction and retention
– Waste less time and close more sales


With TextUs.Biz, you can try Business SMS 2.0 for free. Sign up and
start text messaging with your customers. You can set up your account in
minutes and there is no contract required. It’s that simple.

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